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Q: Does your car need a front end alignment?

A properly aligned car or truck is important for safety and proper functioning of your vehicle. A car with improper alignment can be dangerous to drive and cause excessive bouncing. It can also lead to extra wear on your tires, breaks and bearings.

Q: How to tell if a car needs an alignment?

Check the tires for wear and tear.
A car that is properly aligned will have tires that will have about the same amount of wear on the treads. Since tires are usually replaced in pairs, both your front tires should be about the same in terms of age. If one of your front tires shows more tread wear than the other tire, chances are that your alignment is off and you'll need a front end adjustment.

Does the car 'pull' when you let go of the wheel?
You can test your alignment by letting your car drive in a straight line without guiding the steering wheel. This test should only be done in an empty parking lot with no vehicles, obstructions or nearby pedestrians. If your car pulls hard to one side, you need a front end alignment.

Bakerís Automotive has the equipment and certified mechanics needed to determine if the alignment is actually off and by how much.
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